How to Keep Your House Safe This Holiday Season?

We love decorating our houses during the holiday season. Decorating the house with beautiful candles, ornamenting the Christmas tree with glossy decorations and lights, and enjoying the cold weather indoors with family and friends by the fir place, everything about the holiday season is very magical. But, disasters strike when you least expect it. Certain safety hazards spike up during the holiday season as everyone gets busy having fun and enjoying themselves.

Fire and water damage are the most common calamities that occur in the holiday season. So, to avoid turning your days of merriment into days of disturbance and chaos, be sure to take all safety precautions.

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Fire safety tips

Get your heating system checked

Before turning up the heat this holiday season, get it checked by a technician. Get your heat pump and furnace inspected. This ensures that your heating system works with proper efficiency and there isn’t any funny business going on that can cause sparks.

Secure your fireplace

Get your fireplace checked and cleaned by a professional. You can also secure it with a protective screen that can stop clinkers from falling on flammable materials.

Revise your fire escape plan

Make sure you have a proper exit plan in plans in case of a fire and that every member is thorough with it. You will not have to put money in fire damage restoration if you have safeguarded yourself with proper fire safety gear – exit plan, fire alarms and extinguishers.

Decorate wisely

Keep your Christmas tree at a safe distance from your fire place. Decorate your tree with lights that are meant for indoor use and tested for safety. Use fire-resistant decorations and opt for battery- operated candles to decorate your house. If you do decorate with lighted candles, place them on proper holders and away from anything flammable.

Keep your oven or stove attended

Most of the holiday fires start in the kitchen. So, to avoid expensive fire damage restoration, always be attentive when you have something in the oven or stove.

Water damage safety tips

Keep your gutters clean

Clogged gutters can cause spillage or water over flow which can severely destroy your house’s foundation. Hence, ensure that gutters and downspouts are clean and in proper condition.

Inspect your roof

Check your roof for missing or damaged shingles. When snow falls on such a damaged roof, it destroys your structure and causes water leaks and water damage. Hence, you should fix it to prevent the water from entering your house when the snow starts thawing.  Call for professional mold remediation if you see signs of water leakage, peeling paint or water spots on walls.

Check your ice dams

Make sure that there isn’t any water getting backed up behind the ice dams. The melted snow from ice dams can leak into your home and damage the walls, ceiling, insulation and other areas.

Seal your doors and windows

Cold air or melted snow can enter into your house through gaps around doors and windows. Ensure that there is no space between the door/window frame and the door/window and that they close properly. The moisture and snow entering from these gaps may not seem very apparent, but they stealthily damage walls, furniture, ceiling, carpets and other items. Very often, mold starts growing under carpets and goes unnoticed for a long time. So, check your carpets regularly and once in a while get them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Mold damage safety

The carpets are exposed to dust, germs, soil and moisture all throughout the year. Hence, to ensure hygiene around the house, you must get them cleaned by a carpet cleaning company.  Water leaks and moisture can enter into your house through AC vents, leaks on water heaters, broken pipes or insufficient ventilation and cause mold growth. Mold infestations are morbid; hence, you must contact a mold remediation company at the first sign of mold growth.

Holiday season is the time to share joy, laughter and love with your loved ones. It is the best time of the year whose memories are cherished forever. You can prevent this sweet dream from turning into a nightmare by being alert, wise and by taking small yet effective safety precautions mentioned above.